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For more details please contact:
Mobile (Sharon): 021 432 949
Address: 2 Hillcrest St, Tirau 3410, New Zealand

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This lovely outdoor/indoor ornament stands 255mm High x 125 W

Natural Grey- photo 1

Sandstone -  photo 2 on the left

Marble Grey - photp 2 on the right

Cast Iron Rust -Photo 3 first on the left 

Muliple purchase available on these, 1 x $25.00 2 for $40.00

The detailing is very good and represents A couple very much in love. Looks great 

Pick ups are most welcome, happy to freight as well.

$10.00 anywhere in NZ

$15.00 any rural address

Questions welcome

Natural Finish- Natural grey, normal cement, grey colour finish

Sandstone Finish - White Cement and White Oxide,creates a soft cream colour

Cast Iron Rust Finish - Finished look resembles rusty iron, sealed

Marble Grey Finish - Black Oxide mixed into grey concrete, sealed with a high Gloss finish, resembles marble look

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