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Small Eternity Twist
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Mobile (Sharon): 021 432 949
Address: 2 Hillcrest St, Tirau 3410, New Zealand

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Small Enternity Twist.

Meaning: Bonding of a freindship, relationship or culture, for eternity

These neat little twist look great on an out door table, or any little corner, inside or outside that needs something.

These stand 300mm high and 160 wide at the base

Photo 1 shows the one on the Left finished in "Cast Iron" finish, which resembles rusting iron- looks fantastic against oranges and yellows. These normally have rusty holes thoughout to enhance the "rusting away" Look.  These are sealed once rusted.

The Twist on the right is finished in a "sandstone" look and is a soft cream colour, with a hint of the tirau pebbles just under the surface.

The Twist in Photo two is Natural grey

Photo 3 is Marble Grey 

Pick ups welcome, happy to feight

This item would be $12.00 Anywhere in NZ

Any Rural address $75.00 Anywhere in NZ

Questions most welcome

Please check availablity, as these are very popular.


 Natural Finish- Natural grey, normal cement, grey colour finish

Sandstone Finish - White Cement. White Oxide, creates a soft cream colour

Cast Iron Rust Finish - Finished look resembles rusty iron, sealed

Marble Grey Finish - Black Oxide mixed into grey concrete, sealed with a high Gloss finish, resembles marble look

Has lovely simply detail and meaning and would work well outdoor and indoors.


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